Sunday, May 22, 2011

Most inspiring designer...Mother Nature!

I am back in Budapest and have a backlog of photos to share. I am starting with two weeks ago in Cincinnati. I talked my dad and husband into heading over to the Khrone conservatory for the butterfly exhibit-Butterlies from Brazil. AMAZING!

Let me start by saying I love Khrone conservatory. I love the flowers, the smell, the warmth (except on a day when it is 85 and humid). Below are a few photos from the ongoing exhibit of flowers.
the flowers look like fondant.
And now the butterflies! My husband is perplexed on how I can HATE bugs but I don't freak out with butterflies flying and landing on me. The exhibit is amazing-butterlfies everywhere!!
I had no idea their bodies were polka dots!
the round "tongue" makes me giggle.
the detail of spots on the body is amazing.
Who's looking at ya?
How many butterflies can you count?
Mother nature is the best designer, don't you agree?

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