Monday, May 9, 2011

A gift.

A few months ago I shared with you that my sweetie was heading off to Afghanistan for a job. We are right now enjoying his first R&R (rest & relaxation). That is why my blog has been been a bit sporadic lately.

Anyway, my birthday was 2 weeks ago and was amazing because I got to spend it with the most important and special person to me. On top of that he gave me !3! hand-made Afghan rugs! They are so beautiful! I took photos today but the colors look so washed out on the photos. You will have to use your imagination for now.

This one is 100% wool. The pattern is fantastic!

This one is my favorite-100%silk! The yellow really is that bright yellow!
This is the backside of the silk rug. I love looking at all the hand work.
This is made of 50% wool and 50% silk. The red is intense!
I love the rugs but more importantly, I love that they were picked out by my best friend especially for me. Still the best gift was when I heard a knock on the door and saw his face for the first time in 4 months.

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