Monday, March 21, 2011

Silk Painting Lessons

I know I have said this has been crazy over here. But it really has. I have all intentions of posting to the blog more frequently but the reality is that I just haven't had the time and I am at a spot with a few projects that I cannot share details until they launch...which is very soon. With all the work, I have been a bot stressed...until this past Sunday when three great kids arrived to paint, laugh and learn...

My awesome yoga instructor (Andrea) asked me a while ago if I could talk to her daughter and some friends about what I do for a living. We decided it would be fun to do a project with them. On Sunday, Zora, Hanna and Gege arrived for a silk painting lesson and casual chat about what I do for a living. I had so much fun. I think they could have stayed all afternoon painting larger images. Zora is convinced I should offer a "workshop" in the summer where they come back and we all sit outside in the garden and paint. This is not a bad idea...maybe a bigger painting?We will see.

Here are photos of the talented young artist hard at work.

We set up two "stations" to work at. Station 1: The practice area.
Below is Hanna practicing and Gege observing.
Zora, testing out the colors.
Station 2: Everyone hard at work on their final pieces. Gege is practicing the painting process.
artists hard at work
my great yoga instructor and dear friend Andrea and her daughter Zora
the artists and their masterpieces
from left to right: Gege (age 14), Zora (age 10) and Hanna (age 12)
Zora's art work was based on the 4 seasons.
Hanna's artwork is Hungarian folk inspired
Gege's inspired by geometrics and fleur d'lei elements
A big thank you to Zora, Hanna and Gege for coming over and sharing your talents with me!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea....and their finished project's...great!!!
So interesting.