Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bonjour! in stores now!

Exciting news!
Bonjour! is in stores now! It is my third collection and I am very excited about this one. I worked very hard on making sure you could mix and match most fabrics from one color story to another. The colors are much brighter than I planned, but I like them!

You can find the full collection and all color stories at Hawthorne Threads!
If you are a store selling my collection, let me know and I will pass the info to my followers.

Bonjour! Cloudy Days color story
Bonjour! Autumn Leaf color story
Bonjour! Purple Haze color story
You can also learn more about where the fabrics are sold by visiting Anthology Fabrics.

If you have made anything with these fabrics, send me the details. I would love to post photos!


George K. Howell said...

Whoo! Looks fantastic Diane!! Congrats!

Ertsey Kata said...

wow, this is so gorgeous!! congrats!

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks you guys.