Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Antoinette's Garden: painting started!

I spent all day in my studio yesterday working on the Antoinette's garden. It felt good to have a whole day to focus on this project. Two of the three pieces have the outlines finished and the backgrounds partly painted. It feels good to have finished so much yesterday. Tomorrow I head back for a full day of finishing these two pieces and starting the third one.

I need to vent....I have hit one bump in the road with the project...and it is the biggest frustration I have with Budapest. I went to the two art stores I know of that sell stretcher frames. The larger of the two said they will no longer sell the individual frames and of course they didn't have the size I needed. So, I went to the other store...closed. Empty, no sign, just closed. This is so common here and it frustrates me to no end. I can note tell you how many times a shop opens up and within the year vanishes.

These were the only two stores I know if that sell the frames. It saddens me because all the art stores are being replaced with "hobby" stores. So, I may end up going to Vienna to buy my frames...now how ridiculous is that when I live in a city known for its arts!

If you know of any art stores in Budapest that sell actual stretcher frames please leave me a comment. I could use some help and insider advice on this one.


sisters gulassa said...

Hi Diane! If you come to Vienna, I can tell you some places to get frames here. Mastnak for one, I am sure they are online and maybe even deliver! Please call me if you come so we can have some Wiener Café! *cyrille / sistersgulassa

Diane Kappa said...

I love Boesner also! I usually stock up there when I am in Vienna:) Are you going to Printsource in January? Lets meet up for coffee if your going:)