Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A trip to the countryside: Sümeg & Hévíz

Over the weekend we headed to the countryside. It was such a nice break. I love living in Budapest but sometimes being in the city can get to me. People in the city seem to be skeptical and withdrawn. As soon as you arrive in a small town, the whole mentality changes. People are curious and happy. I think this is true in any big city, not just Budapest. Do you agree?

The village we went to was Sümeg. A sweet small town with a castle and a disco:) Who would have thought!

My friend Evi's grandmothers house. A sweet old house with beautiful roses!
The weather was not cooperating. It was cool and raining and very grey skies.
On Saturday we spent the day at a wonderful spa called Hévíz. A natural lake where the temperature of the water does not fall below 22 C° (71 F) even in the winter, and in the summer reaches 38 C° (100 F) ! Thanks to the 410 liters flowing forth every second from the spring cavern, the lake’s waters fully regenerate in three and a half days, therefore remaining continuously clean. There are water lilies everywhere! So beautiful and relaxing!

Saturday night we headed to the disco and danced with the locals!
It was so nice to be away from my computer and with great friends. A much needed weekend break:)

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Gabriela Manuli said...

Hi Dianne. I always read your blog but I am lazy to comment. I´m really glad you posted about Sümeg, my boyfriend´s village. I still have not written about it in my own blog (http://www.enbudapest.blogspot.com),but is coming soon. I will link to this post, the pics are really nice!