Friday, September 10, 2010

One Sweet Tooth Satisfied!

News Alert! The ladies over at Marie-Madeline Studio blogged about my "Sweet Tooth" collection AND they are selling the fabrics! Anthology Fabrics just sent my box to me so I haven't seen the real fabric yet. The photos below are from the Marie-Madeline Studio blog. I am so excited to get my box.

Thank you ladies for the blog and I hope your sweet tooth is satisfied:)


Unknown said...

Oh my god, these fabrics are just wonderful!!! Congratulations, Diane!

the long ladies said...

Ooooh, yes!! We LOVE your designs, Diane! And we're already planning our projects around Sweet Tooth.

Because it's just right!

xxx, the Long ladies

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Antoinette! I can not wait to show off my third collection!

Hello Long Ladies! Please keep me posted with your creations!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the rock candy colors! i just ordered almost the entire colorway, half from Hawthorne Threads, half from Marie Madelines. thank you so much!

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Ninjadesigns!
I heard that it has been selling out! You can also check out the manufactures website if you want to see the full collection!

Cheers and send me photos of what you end up making!!