Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the creative mind never sleeps

Before I left for vacation my NY rep told me to cherish the time off and to not work. He said me and my work needed a break. I kept thinking about this and I think he was right. I did do a bit of painting while I was away but it was didn't feel like "work".

Now I am back in Budapest and as I sit here surrounded by my thoughts of everything I saw and experienced. My creative juices are flowing. I bought a few small things while in France and Estonia. When I lay out all my purchases, it is so obvious that even though I was not "working" my creative mind was never asleep.

"Vintage Romance"
I love the purples and teal with lime green and hints of pink.
I am excited to seem where this goes.
The background fabric I bought at flea market in France-Liberty fabric. The two postcards are Estonian circa 1926. The glass bottle is from Beaucaire from an olive oil coop. The two fabrics at the bottom are from a skirt I bought at a market in Tarascon.

I don't know what to call this one? Any ideas??
I love the reds mixed with the pea greens.
The tin on the left is from Estonia. The card on the right is by French artist Sophie Adde. They look like they were created to go together don't they?

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