Tuesday, July 6, 2010

finished project: personalized stationery

It has been a busy week trying to wrap up projects before I head to France on Friday...more about that later. One of the projects that I just completed was personalized stationery. The request was two cards; a thank you card with Curt and Erika on the front and a small gift card. The "Erika" was the first card I submitted. It was a bit too feminine for the couple but a great personal card for Erika.

I really like both designs as I feel they are truly representational of my style. One of the best things about this project was the freedom given to me to design something special for them. Erika gave me some inspiration, told me what she liked and gave me great feedback on the first round of drafts. I worked with the printer to get the colors just how I wanted them. The printer did a great job and the colors came out brighter and better that I thought they would.

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