Friday, April 16, 2010

life without the web?

I was at my computer this morning doing my morning ritual of checking the news and diving into blogs. (Yes, I am a blog addict.) I came across an interesting story on decor8. I clicked on the link and over to this article I went: Life without the Web. My (probably crazy) plan to give up the internet.A man living without the computer and internet for 4 months.

First thought, I envy him. I sit in front of my computer more than I'd like to. I work from my computer, I get my news from my computer, I stay connected with family and friends through Skype on my computer, I even watch movies on my computer. (At least I can proudly say we do not own a television.) And, because many of my clients are in the USA, I end up checking my email right before I head to bed. I like to make sure I have taken care of last minute client needs before heading to bed-it is a sacrifice I am willing to make to be self employed and living in Europe.

I got to thinking, how can I manage my computer time so that this machine isn't open and staring at me for 15 hours a day? Lets face it, I get a ton of work done when my computer is absent. Remember that weekend escape I took last month? I left the computer at home and I ended up drawing more that weekend than I had in a long time. I actually created a whole fabric collection while I was off in the country side. (By the way, I have big news to share in a few weeks regarding this collection!) So, although I cannot give up my computer like


sisters gulassa said...

I HEAR you on the computer thing! The biggest challenge of all! Im in your same boat, Diane, having family far away. WOrking with 2 different time zones. I think your plan is grand. So hard to give up the coffee and emails in the morning thing, though. I DO enjoy that! You have a great point: BE AWARE! (look where I am now for instance!!!) Look forward to hearing about your "news!" Sounds exciting!!!! 3 cheers for YOU!

Diane Kappa said...

I must be has been hard because...yes, I too enjoy my coffee while reading emails. And...I originally read your comment at 8 am...I am trying.