Monday, March 8, 2010

escaping the city: a weekend in csákberény

A retreat to the countryside is always good for the heart and mind. I took no computer, we had no TV (although we don't own one anyway) and had a cottage full of inspiring designer books & magazines and two sketchbooks. Did I mention the view? Rolling hills and vineyards...absolutely beautiful! A weekend recap...

warm fire
yummy homemade soup (nagyon finom!)
bike ride through town
walk through the vineyards
delicious local white wine
read, read and read
sketch ideas
take a nap
take a hot bath with lots of candles
dinner with dear friends
play with snoopy the dog
fantasize about owning our own cottage someday


Kis Alma Haz (Little Apple House)Inspiration and sketchingInspiration can be found all around the houseHomemade goodiesInspiring & productive weekend!

Thank you to our dear friends for letting us escape to their cottage for the weekend. It was a wonderfully relaxing time.


Jane said...

looks amazing!!! i envy you guys!! sure pushing swings and playing in the sand can be considered fun, but boy am i'm craving a weekend like yours. :)

Diane Kappa said...

hi Jane,
It was a fantastic weekend. Much needed. We spoke to some family the other night and they said that we are always doing fun and exciting things....yes, but you should know that I rarely talk about the unpleasant struggles and frustrations of everyday life) If you start to blog about the good things in life you realize that life is pretty exciting even when you think it is ordinary.

You should start a blog:)