Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a little piece of heaven

We headed to Csákberény for the weekend. I blogged about this little piece of heaven back in June. It is truly amazing how the weeks tension just dissolves as you ride further away from the city. Two days of relaxing, picking sloe's and visiting with friends is just what the soul needed. It was rainy and cold and the fireplace was warm and toasty...a great weekend!
Thank you Catherine for a great weekend!

Picking sloe's and rose-hips with Catherine and Meg
A beautiful view taking during a hike.
Gathering of leaves and discussing the colors of nature.
Hot soup to warm us up.
A surprise visit with Laci Bácsi
Laci = László
Bácsi = uncle
Laci Bácsi = "uncle László"
Tasting his homemade wine and enjoying his smile.
A reminder of why I have fallen in love with Hungary.

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Anonymous said...

You are having way too much fun. Just kidding. You deserve It.