Saturday, November 28, 2009

the ateliers of Chanel

You may not this, my major in college was actually fashion design. I was in a program where we were encouraged to think creatively and then figure out how to make what we imagined. I learned to draft flat patterns and drape fabric. For 5 years I sketched, drafted and draped and then cut and sewed, manipulated and fitted. I learned so much! I think maybe my love for learning the process on how things were made developed in college. I loved watching the transition of a drawing of an idea and then seeing it on a model walking down the runway. It was a very magical experience.

I discovered today that Chanel is releasing 13 short videos on the talents of their ateliers. Karl Lagerfeld founded Métiers d’Arts in 2002 because he wanted the talents of Chanel’s specialist ateliers, of which there are seven, to be showcased. These videos are fantastic! Especially Episode 6!

Watching these ladies work makes my heart skip a beat. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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