Tuesday, July 23, 2013

relaxing and refueling

Oh My Goodness! Has it really been over 2 weeks since my last post? Well, for good reason!  Steven and I headed to Napa for a few days with our dearest friends. It was our first time to Napa and we had a lovely time. After returning home for a few days so I could meet a few deadlines, we took off to the mountains. It was so nice to relax and refuel.

 Champagne tasting at Mumm.
chillin with my sweetheart
We took a tour and saw a food demo at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). The building was amazing and the demo was fantastic! I have already made the green enchiladas twice and they have turned out pretty yummy! 
We made a short stop at the gift shop and bought a few chocolates.
Those chocolates didn't make it far - to the restaurant with a glass of rose.
Ten minutes later, the chocolates were gone.
Someone has a sense of humor at the CIA ;)
Venge Vineyards - one of my favorite stops.
This was the view from our tasting table. Not bad.
 We stayed in Calistoga where there was a carnival going on.
We didn't ride any rides but we had some carnival food and listened to some music.
 My favorite winery was Jordan Vineyard
The grounds were breathtaking, the wines superb, 
and the experience like no other!  Truly amazing!
 Our private food and wine tasting table. I could easily get use to this!
 4 days later, we were in the mountains with a pie from our friend Bonnie.  Strawberry Rubarb!
I did a bit of sketching.
 Not a bad view.
This summer in Seattle has been beautiful and I feel the
need to take advantage of every minute before the rain returns.

I hope your summer is playful and fun and that you are able to be outdoors as much as possible.

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