Monday, October 1, 2012

red + blue = purple

I have always thought of myself as a morning person.  I like sipping my hot coffee with that sleepiness that creates a nice calm inner self.  Do you know what I mean?  Lately, I have been working into the late hours.  At around midnight, I get so tired of thinking and creating that I give in and surrender to any crazy idea that crosses my mind.  Last night it was silk paints on paper.  I have hundreds of sumi paintings that I have done over the past 3 years.  None of them are finished works - they are studies and starts to bigger ideas.  So, last night I pulled one out and started messing around with red and blue silk paints on the paper. No project in mind. No ideas on what the end product would look like.  No pressure to even finish whatever I started.  Just pure experimentation and freedom to create.  I wonder what kind of art is in my future....I am getting excited to see where this goes.  My goal is to make it a habit to do a little of this experimenting every night.  

I am curious, do you find you are more creative at a certain time of the day?  Why at that time?

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