Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i heart plaids

Greetings from Ohio!  

I am doing the Ohio tour, spending time visiting with family and friends!  Living out of suitcases and trying to work and play is making me a little stressed.  My poor mother-in-law got to experience a very stressed out daughter-in-law yesterday.  She was so helpful though, helping me go through boxes that we left here 4 years ago.  We unpacked, repacked and she drove me all over town so I could run all my errands.  She is a life saver and so unbelievably patient!  I feel so very lucky to have such great in-laws.

Did I tell you I will be in NYC for Printsource?  I will be working the Group Four booth the first day of the show and then I meeting with clients on day two and three.  It is turning out that the NY trip is going to be busy but very exciting!  I will be meeting two new clients!  The projects are very exciting and I am anxious to share the details but as always, it will have to wait.

For now, enjoy my new design, "i heart plaid", for Society6.  I love the army green colors with the pop of hot pink!  You can check out the designs here.

I hope all my US friends are staying cool.  A little shout out to my Budapest friends-I miss you!

See you back here in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Miss you daughter-in-law!!

Diane Kappa said...

Miss you too:)