Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hungarian design books

I had a birthday over a week ago...a big one...I wasn't too excited to leave my 30's, but 40 is treating me OK so far.  I was treated to dinners and lunches by so many friends.  It was actually pretty great to see so many people in a week.  Still feeling the love:)  

My friend Fiona bought be a birthday gift that I still am gushing over!  It is 2 BIG books filled with a ton of smaller books.  Each small book is focused on the drawings for the folk clothing of the different regions of Hungary.  Truly amazing, right?  I need to buy some binders and large plastic sheets to protect all the drawings.  I can see them getting dirty and torn from over-use:) 

all the "pages" in the inside of the small books are A3 drawings

"The Books"

Contents of 1 book.

Each separate book has a nice pattern on the outside with the name of the region.


Josephine said...

Those books are STUNNING!! What a wealth of inspiration and history. What a perfect gift!!!

lumina said...

They are beautiful and remind me of my step-grandfather who made beautiful embroideries. (Quite unusual hobby for a psychiatrist.)

Diane Kappa said...
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Diane Kappa said...

Josephine, it was the perfect gift!

Lumina, your comment made me giggle. I agree it is a very unusual hobby for a psychiatrist. Was he Hungarian?

Chiii said...

Lucky you :) (says a Hungarian)