Monday, February 27, 2012

museums and mexican food

Yesterday was awesome!  It started with a beautiful sunny day. Steve and I headed to the Botanical Garden. I got to test out my new camera. (Pictures coming tomorrow.) Next we headed to Hirshhorn Museum. The museum houses contemporary art, that at times make me question how it is "art". Other exhibits at the museum were interesting and interactive. Here are three of my favorites.

Jesús Rafael Soto: Blue Penetrable BBL 1999
Hundreds of blue nylon strings suspended from a modular steel frame.  The composition comes to life when the viewers enter the fluid mass of flexible threads, setting them in motion.

 Carlos Cruz-Diez: Chromosaturation 1965, exhibition copy refabricated 2010
Three connecting sections whose white walls and floor appear to dissolve under banks of vibrant blue, red and green light.  As viewers move through these spaces, the hues appear almost tangible, yet the boundaries of their interactions remain tantalizing elusive.
There were colored windows on the outside of the boxes where the viewer could look in and see how the colored glass altered the light.  My husband took these from the outside looking in.

 Ron Mueck: Untitled 1958
This photo doesn't do this justice.  The sculpture is really big and he is sitting down in the corner of the gallery.  His feet were about 18 inches long.  He was so real looking.

This wasn't in the museum but we passed it and we both laughed.  Where do they get these images? So many ways to interpret this image.  What do you see?

After a day of seeing museums we headed to the movies to see The Descendants (two thumbs up).  We needed a break to refuel.  What better way then with margaritas and Mexican food.  And some of the best Mexican we have had.  
If you are in DC - you must try out Oyamel.
  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday!

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