Friday, April 1, 2011

whats inspiring me right now

Yesterday was gorgeous! And spring was right outside my front door. I love when this bush starts to bloom. It is the most beautiful shade of pink.
After sitting in front of the computer almost all day, I finally had an hour to sit outside and do a bit of painting....well...more like brainstorming.
Then, last night a perfect end. Made some tea and sat down with the new British Vogue. Seriously, one of the best issues yet. I haven't been inspired by a fashion magazine in so long.
a few of my favorites!

This Biba print is so fresh and the colors are great!
I really like the water effect of the Escada print
I know this print doesn't go with the others but I guess you can see I am working on two different looks..."underwater" florals that are blurred and soft and stark graphics.

What's inspiring you?

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