Monday, February 7, 2011

great finds on Abbot Kinney Blvd. - Part 1

My last day in LA my friend Suzan, Sophia (a very patient 3 year old) and I hit Abbott Kinney in LA for some last minute inspiration. If you are in LA, you must shop this street! Fantastic shops filled with beautiful home furnishings!

I thought it was called Brown's hardware...I was wrong. It is called Bountiful and it caught my eye from 2 blocks away.
Gorgeous antiques spill out onto the sidewalk peaking ones curiosity as to what could be inside...
Pie plate anyone?
I took this for my friend over at Pink Light Designs. MB-you need this!
It took all my energy to not buy the lime green pie plate. I don't even bake pies.
I am a sucker for a room full of stuff! I need to go in and look at everything. I love finding all the little hidden gems. Funny since I hate clothing shopping in a store that is jam packed with clothes.
Lets play cars!
I have a love affair with old tins.
So, I was curious how customers take home one of these lovely pieces of furniture or accessories? Raul Castro does all the art installation. He moves all this stuff around to get you the piece you want. A true art! You think he is good at puzzles?

Check back tomorrow for more photos from Abbot Kinney!


Anonymous said...

diane....your blog is stunning

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Anonymous!