Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Printa Akadémia

Since the day I arrived in Budapest, I have been researching and asking about what printing capabilities are available..."none" is the answer I receive. The country use to have many printers but with Asia producing products at such a cheap cost, Hungary can not compete.

I would love to create a small production run of fabric-say 50 meters. Small and affordable-this is almost impossible! (FYI: to print fabric with most printers you need to print a minimum of 1000 meters (1093 yards!). I know digital printing is possible but it is still very $expensive$. I am currently selling pillows that were digitally printed on Etsy and the pillows actually cost me more than what I am selling them for! I digress...

I received an email from a friend last week announcing a store opening she heard about. I just stopped by the opening not really knowing what to expect. I knew I found the place when I saw this from down the street.
Printa Akadémia
1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 1ö.

Printa Akadémia is multifunctional ‘concept store’, a combo of a gallery, a workshop academy, a store and a café. They aim to promote print and paper-based art to popularize eco-friendly design.

Their workshops provide an ideal forum for designers and artists to cooperate and share novel ideas in the field of environmentally-friendly, socially-aware art.

Could this be the possible small run production set up I have been looking for? I don't think they can print yards of fabric but maybe they have future plans? maybe I can plant a seed in somone's head:)

When I walked inside to the opening I was so happy to see familiar equipment. I was hoping to talk to someone but it was so crowded! I have a gut feeling that this place is going to do well!

I plan to pop back into the gallery in the new year and hopefully learn more about what they offer. When I do I will let you know what I find out.

4 color print press-great for t-shirts and paper!
I have no idea what this is but I really want to learn!
If you have any information on possible small run printers in Eastern Europe please contact me!

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I can give you more information as press person @ Printa if you want. Pls email me to press et printa dot hu. Thank you for coming to the opening! :)